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Coleraine District LOL No.2 is one of the 11 Districts which make up the County of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge. The District comprises of the following 13 Private Lodges: LOL 5 - Coleraine, LOL 87 - Coleraine, LOL 141 - Castlerock, LOL 256 - Blaugh, LOL 316 - Coleraine, LOL 431 - Ballyrashane, LOL 579 - Portstewart, LOL 735 - Coleraine, LOL 742 - Portrush, LOL 909 - Loughanreagh, LOL 930 - Killowen, LOL 1020 - Loughan and LOL 1022 Ballywillan.

Below are summary profiles of some of the Lodges, as included in the 2006 'Twelfth' souvenir programme.

LOL No5 - Blacker

Blacker LOL 5 came into existence from an off shoot of Loughanreagh LOL 909 which met in New Row, it was known as Blacker LOL 909 formed in 1849. The name was given after Colonel William Blacker, a foundation member of the Orange Order in 1795. After a disagreement on moving the lodge split and a new warrant was applied for and LOL 5 was formed. LOL 5 was a small lodge then meeting at Brook Street School before moving into Union Street in 1911. The lodge has always been active in the County, with 5 County Grand Lodge members. Over the years the lodge has been led by Coleraine Boys Brigade Silver Band, Loughan Valley Pipe Band and The Star of the Bann Castleroe.

LOL No 87

This Lodge claims to be the oldest in Coleraine and perhaps County Londonderry. According to the history books our warrant was issued in 1796. We have a transfer certificate dated 1811 in respect of a Bro Samuel Smiley. In June 1979 we unfurled the banner that we use to this day, its colours are as good now as when they were painted by the late Bro Bobbie Anderson. On parade the lodge members look smart sporting the lodge tie and a white carnation. The lodge is led by one of Coleraine's oldest flute bands, the Ulster Protestant Boys.

LOL No 256 - Blaugh Sons of Ulster

The lodge was formed in 1799, the first Worshipful Master was Bro Sam Smyth 1804. The meetings were held then in an old house situated in the grounds of our hall. The new hall was opened and dedicated on Saturday 10th October by Mr Matthew Ross. W Bro Noel Devenney was elected where he occupied the chair for 21 years, until being replaced a couple of years ago by the present Master George Duddy. The lodge is going from strength to strength with a lot of our members still only young. November 2005 was a very important time for our lodge as we held a dedication service to unveil a memorial plaque to honour members of our lodge who fought, and lost their lives in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

LOL No 316

Coleraine LOL 316 are very proud of the fact that they are the oldest sitting lodge in Coleraine District No2. When it was confirmed by the Grand Lodge of Ireland that the lodge's warrant was issued in 1797, the lodge held a bi-centenary parade in Coleraine in 1997 to celebrate this historic fact. The parade was attended by our County and District Officers, as well as members of every lodge in Coleraine District, and other visiting brethren from all over. The brethren of the lodge were very proud men as they walked the streets of Coleraine on that special day, and walked a few inches taller than usual when they realised all the other brethren and bands who supported us on that occasion. The present membership shall continue to maintain the proud traditions the lodge has held for the last 209 years.

LOL No 431 - Ballyrashane

The lodge was formed in 1894 by John Anderson and Joseph Stirling with 12 other brethren. They held their meetings at John Anderson's home, which was the gate lodge of the parish church in Ballyrashane. In 1905 the lodge moved to Gortieloughan and sat there until 1926 when they moved to the newly built hall, this being The War Memorial Hall were the lodge still sits today. In 1994 the lodge carried out renovations and installed new windows, oil heating etc. In 2001 the lodge continued to improve facilities with a new kitchen and toilet block being added, then in 2004 a new roof at a cost of 5000 was fitted. The War Memorial Orange Hall sits pride of place in the heart of Ballyrashane townland, overlooking Coleraine and County Londonderry. This lodge with its newly refurbished hall and a membership of 98 is surely going from strength to strength.

LOL No 735 - Invincible True Blues

The lodge has been in existence since 24th June 1848. The lodge meets at Union Street Orange Hall. This year our lodge carried out renovations to the hall which has transformed it for all the lodges who meet there. Also this year we saw Bro Kenny McCloy receive his 50 year jewel for his dedicated service to the lodge. The people of Coleraine call us 'The Blue Lodge' because of the distinctive blue collarette worn by our members. On parade we have the privilege to be led by The Pride of the Bann Flute Band, who like us have a special affiliation to the people of Coleraine.

LOL No 909 - Loughanreagh

The lodge used to meet in Coleraine, but it went dormant. A Bro John Morrison applied for the warrant for the lodge in 1877 and Loughanreagh was then installed. The lodge has always been a family lodge, with members of local families making up its membership down through generations. The present hall was opened just over 50 years ago on Boxing Day 1953. The hall was named after Earl Morrison of Drumadragh, who together with the late Bro Harry Adams PM, joined the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Earl Morrison attained the rank of Sergeant and unfortunately went missing in action.

LOL No 930 - Killowen Purple Heroes

The present warrant of this lodge is dated back to 1847 and was issued to Bro Thomas Fleming. However the original Killowen lodge was formed in the year of the Irish Rebellion 1798-1799. The lodge met in a hall in Killowen Street. Before the 2nd World War it was decided to procure larger and more suitable premises. The present hall in Shuttle Hill was opened in 1947 by Mrs D J Christie, wife of Major D J Christie who was WM of LOL 930 for 2 years. The lodge are unfurling a new banner this July which traditionally depicts the Somme Salient. The lodge, as usual will be accompanied by the Coleraine Fife and Drum Band on route to the field.

LOL No 1020 - The Loughan

The lodge was formed on the 15th September 1828 and its original warrant is still in existence, the lodge meets on the 1st Thursday of the month. From it was formed in 1828 until the 1950's the Lodge had been led by the following bands - Loughan Protestant Flute Band, also a pipe band and an accordion band. The late Bro James Henry was the bandmaster for over 25 years. The names Freeman, Moore, Steele, Watton, Henry and McLaughlin go back to when the lodge was formed and continue on today. At present the lodge consists of 20 members and our banner depicts Lord Carson and King William III.

LOL No 1022 - Ballywillan Sons of William

Ballywillan lodge was formed in 1823, unfortunately the minutes from this period have been lost. The recorded minutes that the lodge presently has commences in the year 1912, when Bro David McCollum was WM. At the October meeting in 1936 there was a motion passed that the lodge would build a new hall which is our hall to this day, it was opened on Easter Monday 1940. The Office bearers at the time were Bro T Dorrans WM, Bro T Thompson Dm, Bro D Walker Secretary, Bro S Gregor Treasurer and Bro R Morrison Chaplain. In 1953 there were 117 members of this country Lodge, at present the lodge has 44 members on the roll. The lodge will be accompanied as usual on the Twelfth day by Ballywillan Flute Band, under bandmaster Bro David Dallas one of three generations of his family on parade.